When attempting to add an IPP printer over HTTPS, you receive an error.


When attempting to add an IPP printer to a Windows Vista or Windows 7 workstation over HTTPS, the queue may fail to install with the following error:

Add Printer
Connect to Printer

Windows couldn't connect to the printer. Check the printer name and try again. If this is a network printer, make sure that the printer is turned on, and that the printer address is correct.


This issue occurs because Windows does not trust or cannot validate the SSL certificate being used by the print server, or the print server is using a self-signed certificate.


This can be resolved by either:

  • Configuring the print server to use a valid SSL certificate from an external certificate authority trusted by the workstation
  • If both the print server and the workstation are in the same domain, configuring the print server to use a valid SSL certificate from an enterprise certificate authority
  • If the print server is using a self-signed certificate, installing the self-signed certificate on the workstation

How to Install an IPP Print Server's Self-Signed Certificate on a Windows Client

If your print server is using self-signed certificates, the following steps can be used to install the self-signed certificate on the client(s) so they are able to use the printer.  Note: this should only be performed for SSL certificates from servers you trust.

  1. Log on to the client as an administrator
  2. Find Internet Explorer in the start menu, right click on it, and click Run as administrator
  3. In Internet Explorer, browse to the Print Server using HTTPS (e.g. https://PrintServerName/)
  4. In the address bar, the words "Certificate Error" should appear on the right side next to a Red shield icon - click on the error
  5. Click "View Certificates"
  6. On the certificate window, click "Install Certificate..."
  7. Select "Place all certificates in the following store"
  8. Click "Browse..."
  9. Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and click OK
  10. Click Next, then click Finish
  11. A security warning will appear that you are adding a certificate from a source that cannot be validated.  Click Yes to trust this SSL certificate.
  12. Close Internet Explorer
  13. The printer can now be installed