Unable to delete certain registry keys - Error while deleting key


  You may get the following error message when trying to delete a registry key:

"Error while deleting key"


  This can be caused if you attempt to delete a registry key that contains embedded null characters. These characters are not visible when viewing the registry entry.


  To delete a registry key that contains an embedded null character, you must first replace the null character with another character. You can accomplish this by using the RegDelNull tool from Sysinternals. This tool is available from the following URL:


More Information

  Usage: regdelnull <path> [-s]

 -s Recurse into subkeys.

 It is not possible to manually create a registry entry with an embedded null character. This usually occurs due to a corrupt application install or similar. It is also possible for the Windows kernel to embed a NULL character in a string to form a complete key name. If this entry is then accessed from user-mode, it is not possible to open the key containing the embedded null string.