Direct-X diagnostics tool (DXDIAG) may report an unexpected value for the display adapters memory.


Consider the following scenario:

You have a system with 1GB or greater of Video memory, and 4GB or greater of system memory (RAM).

You run the Direct-X Diagnostics tool, and it reports that you have an unexpectedly low amount of Approximate Total Memory on the display tab.

You may also see issues with some games or applications not allowing you to select the highest detail settings.


The API that DXDiag uses to approximate the system memory was not designed to handle systems in this configuration


Microsoft is working to resolve this in future releases

More Information

On a system with 1GB of video memory, the following values are returned with the associated system memory:

System Memory     Reported Approximate Total Memory
4GB                       3496MB
6GB                       454MB
8GB                       1259MB