Exchange Service Pack upgrade fails with an Unexpected Error in ServiceControl.ps1


When you attempt to upgrade Exchange Server 2007 using /m:upgrade, the process mail fail during the Preparing Setup phase.


Performing Microsoft Exchange Server Prerequisite Check


    Edge Transport Role Checks       ......................... COMPLETED


Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server


    Preparing Setup                  ......................... FAILED

An unexpected error has occurred and debug information is being generated: Unex

pected error [0xCF6CDA0B] while executing command '$error.Clear(); $RoleNames =

$RoleRoles.Replace('Role','').Split(','); if( test-path "$env:TMP\StoppedService

s.xml" ) { .\ServiceControl.ps1 Stop $RoleNames; } else { .\ServiceControl.ps1 S

ave; .\ServiceControl.ps1 Stop $RoleNames; .\ServiceControl.ps1 DisableServices

$RoleNames; }'.

     Unexpected error [0xCF6CDA0B] while executing command '$error.Clear(); $Rol

eNames = $RoleRoles.Replace('Role','').Split(','); if( test-path "$env:TMP\Stopp

edServices.xml" ) { .\ServiceControl.ps1 Stop $RoleNames; } else { .\ServiceCont

rol.ps1 Save; .\ServiceControl.ps1 Stop $RoleNames; .\ServiceControl.ps1 Disable

Services $RoleNames; }'.


Exchange Server setup encountered an error.

 Note: The hexidecimal code in this error may vary.


A Pre-Setup task was trying to execute ServiceControl.PS1 to stop all exchange services for the Exchange upgrade process. However, the ServiceControl.ps1 script has been flagged as `Do Not Run`.


1. Open the Exchange Management Shell and change directory to <Service Pack installation path>:\Setup\ServerRoles\common\
2. Run .\ServiceControl.ps1
3. You will see the default setting is "[D] Do not run". Enter option [A] for "Always run".
4. Close the Exchange Management Shell.
5. From a command prompt, run /m:upgrade again.

More Information

It's possible for the upgrade to fail while executing other scripts. You may be able to work around this by executing the required scripts from the Exchange Management Shell and allowing them to complete individually.