Fonts that are installed with Microsoft Office 2010 Products

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When you install a Microsoft Office 2010 product, fonts are installed. This article describes the fonts that are added with the Office 2010 installation.

Note The installation options that you select determine the specific fonts that are installed. All the available fonts are not included when you perform a typical Office 2010 installation.

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The following table lists the fonts that are installed with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

Note Other Office 2010 installations will install a smaller selection of these fonts.

FileFont name
AGENCYB.TTFAgency FB Bold (TrueType)
AGENCYR.TTFAgency FB (TrueType)
ALGER.TTFAlgerian (TrueType)
ANTQUAB.TTFBook Antiqua Bold (TrueType)
ANTQUABI.TTFBook Antiqua Bold Italic (TrueType)
ANTQUAI.TTFBook Antiqua Italic (TrueType)
ARIALN.TTFArial Narrow (TrueType)
ARIALNB.TTFArial Narrow Bold (TrueType)
ARIALNBI.TTFArial Narrow Bold Italic (TrueType)
ARIALNI.TTFArial Narrow Italic (TrueType)
ARIALUNI.TTFArial Unicode MS (TrueType)
ARLRDBD.TTFArial Rounded MT Bold (TrueType)
BASKVILL.TTFBaskerville Old Face (TrueType)
BASKVILL.TTFBaskerville Old Face (TrueType)
BELL.TTFBell MT (TrueType)
BELLB.TTFBell MT Bold (TrueType)
BELLI.TTFBell MT Italic (TrueType)
BERNHC.TTFBernard MT Condensed (TrueType)
BKANT.TTFBook Antiqua (TrueType)
BOD_B.TTFBodoni MT Bold (TrueType)
BOD_BI.TTFBodoni MT Bold Italic (TrueType)
BOD_BLAI.TTFBodoni MT Black Italic (TrueType)
BOD_BLAR.TTFBodoni MT Black (TrueType)
BOD_CB.TTFBodoni MT Condensed Bold (TrueType)
BOD_CBI.TTFBodoni MT Condensed Bold Italic (TrueType)
BOD_CI.TTFBodoni MT Condensed Italic (TrueType)
BOD_CR.TTFBodoni MT Condensed (TrueType)
BOD_I.TTFBodoni MT Italic (TrueType)
BOD_PSTC.TTFBodoni MT Poster Compressed (TrueType)
BOD_R.TTFBodoni MT (TrueType)
BOOKOS.TTFBookman Old Style (TrueType)
BOOKOSB.TTFBookman Old Style Bold (TrueType)
BOOKOSBI.TTFBookman Old Style Bold Italic (TrueType)
BOOKOSI.TTFBookman Old Style Italic (TrueType)
BRITANIC.TTFBritannic Bold (True Type)
BRLNSB.TTFBerlin Sans FB Bold (TrueType)
BRLNSDB.TTFBerlin Sans FB Demi Bold (TrueType)
BRLNSR.TTFBerlin Sans FB (TrueType)
BROADW.TTFBroadway (TrueType)
BRUSHSCI.TTFBrush Script MT Italic (TrueType)
BSSYM7.TTFBookshelf Symbol 7 (TrueType)
CALIBRI.TTFCalibri (TrueType)
CALIBRIB.TTFCalibri Bold (TrueType)
CALIBRII.TTFCalibri Italic (TrueType)
CALIBRIZ.TTFCalibri Bold Italic (TrueType)
CALIFB.TTFCalifornian FB Bold (TrueType)
CALIFI.TTFCalifornian FB Italic (TrueType)
CALIFR.TTFCalifornian FB (TrueType)
CALIST.TTFCalisto MT (TrueType)
CALISTB.TTFCalisto MT Bold (TrueType)
CALISTBI.TTFCalisto MT Bold Italic (TrueType)
CALISTI.TTFCalisto MT Italic (TrueType)
CAMBRIA.TTCCambria & Cambria Math (TrueType)
CAMBRIAB.TTFCambria Bold (TrueType)
CAMBRIAI.TTFCambria Italic (TrueType)
CAMBRIAZ.TTFCambria Bold Italic (TrueType)
CANDARA.TTFCandara (TrueType)
CANDARAB.TTFCandara Bold (TrueType)
CANDARAI.TTFCandara Italic (TrueType)
CANDARAZ.TTFCandara Bold Italic (TrueType)
CASTELAR.TTFCastellar (TrueType)
CENSCBK.TTFCentury Schoolbook (TrueType)
CENTAUR.TTFCentaur (TrueType)
CENTURY.TTFCentury (TrueType)
CHILLER.TTFChiller (TrueType)
COLONNA.TTFColonna MT (TrueType)
CONSOLA.TTFConsolas (TrueType)
CONSOLAB.TTFConsolas Bold (TrueType)
CONSOLAI.TTFConsolas Italic (TrueType)
CONSOLAZ.TTFConsolas Bold Italic (TrueType)
CONSTAN.TTFContantia (TrueType)
CONSTANB.TTFContantia Bold (TrueType)
CONSTANI.TTFContantia Italic (TrueType)
CONSTANZ.TTFContantia Bold Italic (TrueType)
COOPBL.TTFCooper Black (TrueType)
COPRGTB.TTFCopperplate Gothic Bold (TrueType)
COPRGTL.TTFCopperplate Gothic Light (TrueType)
CORBEL.TTFCorbel (TrueType)
CORBELB.TTFCorbel Bold (TrueType)
CORBELI.TTFCorbel Italic (TrueType)
CORBELZ.TTFCorbel Bold Italic (TrueType)
CURLZ___.TTFCurlz MT (TrueType)
ELEPHNT.TTFElephant (TrueType)
ELEPHNTI.TTFElephant Italic (TrueType)
ENGR.TTFEngravers (TrueType)
ERASBD.TTFEras Bold ITC (TrueType)
ERASDEMI.TTFEras Demi ITC (TrueType)
ERASLGHT.TTFEras Light ITC (TrueType)
ERASMD.TTFEras Medium ITC (TrueType)
FELIXTI.TTFFelix Titling (TrueType)
FORTE.TTFForte (TrueType)
FRABK.TTFFranklin Gothic Book (TrueType)
FRABKIT.TTFFranklin Gothic Book Italic (TrueType)
FRADM.TTFFranklin Gothic Demi (TrueType)
FRADMCN.TTFFranklin Gothic Demi Cond (TrueType)
FRADMIT.TTFFranklin Gothic Demi Italic (TrueType)
FRAHV.TTFFranklin Gothic Heavy (TrueType)
FRAHVIT.TTFFranklin Gothic Heavy Italic (TrueType)
FRAMDCN.TTFFranklin Gothic Medium Cond (TrueType)
FREESCPT.TTFFreestyle Script (TrueType)
FRSCRIPT.TTFFrench Script MT (TrueType)
FTLTLT.TTFFootlight MT Light (TrueType)
GABRIOLA.TTFGabriola (TrueType)
GARA.TTFGaramond (TrueType)
GARABD.TTFGaramond Bold (TrueType)
GARAIT.TTFGaramond Italic (TrueType)
GIGI.TTFGigi (TrueType)
GILBI___.TTFGill Sans MT Bold Italic (TrueType)
GILB____.TTFGill Sans MT Bold (TrueType)
GILC____.TTFGill Sans MT Condensed (TrueType)
GILI____.TTFGill Sans MT Italic (TrueType)
GILLUBCD.TTFGill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed (TrueType)
GILSANUB.TTFGill Sans Ultra Bold (TrueType)
GIL_____.TTFGill Sans MT (TrueType)
GLECB.TTFGloucester MT Extra Condensed (TrueType)
GLSNECB.TTFGill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold (TrueType)
GOTHIC.TTFCentury Gothic (TrueType)
GOTHICB.TTFCentury Gothic Bold (TrueType)
GOTHICBI.TTFCentury Gothic Bold Italic (TrueType)
GOTHICI.TTFCentury Gothic Italic (TrueType)
GOUDOS.TTFGoudy Old Style (TrueType)
GOUDOSB.TTFGoudy Old Style Bold (TrueType)
GOUDOSI.TTFGoudy Old Style Italic (TrueType)
GOUDYSTO.TTFGoudy Stout (TrueType)
HARLOWSI.TTFHarlow Solid Italic (TrueType)
HARNGTON.TTFHarrington (TrueType)
HATTEN.TTFHaettenschweiler (TrueType)
HTOWERT.TTFHigh Tower Text (TrueType)
HTOWERTI.TTFHigh Tower Text Italic (TrueType)
IMPRISHA.TTFImprint MT Shadow (TrueType)
INFROMAN.TTFInformal Roman (TrueType)
ITCBLKAD.TTFBlackadder ITC (TrueType)
ITCEDSCR.TTFEdwardian Script ITC (TrueType)
ITCKRIST.TTFKristen ITC (TrueType)
JOKERMAN.TTFJokerman (TrueType)
JUICE___.TTFJuice ITC (TrueType)
KUNSTLER.TTFKunstler Script (TrueType)
LATINWD.TTFWide Latin (TrueType)
LBRITE.TTFLucida Bright (TrueType)
LBRITED.TTFLucida Bright Demibold (TrueType)
LBRITEDI.TTFLucida Bright Demibold Italic (TrueType)
LBRITEI.TTFLucida Bright Italic (TrueType)
LCALLIG.TTFLucida Calligraphy Italic (TrueType)
LFAX.TTFLucida Fax Regular (TrueType)
LFAXD.TTFLucida Fax Demibold (TrueType)
LFAXDI.TTFLucida Fax Demibold Italic (TrueType)
LFAXI.TTFLucida Fax Italic (TrueType)
LHANDW.TTFLucida Handwriting Italic (TrueType)
LSANS.TTFLucida Sans Regular (TrueType)
LTYPE.TTFLucida Sans Typewriter Regular (TrueType)
LTYPEB.TTFLucida Sans Typewriter Bold (TrueType)
LTYPEBO.TTFLucida Sans Typewriter Bold Oblique (TrueType)
LTYPEO.TTFLucida Sans Typewriter Oblique (TrueType)
MAGNETOB.TTFMagneto Bold (TrueType)
MAIAN.TTFMaiandra GD (TrueType)
MATURASC.TTFMatura MT Script Capitals (TrueType)
MEIRYO.TTCMeiryo (TrueType)
MEIRYOB.TTCMeiryo UI (TrueType)
MISTRAL.TTFMistral (TrueType)
MOD20.TTFModern No. 20 (TrueType)
MTCORSVA.TTFMonotype Corsiva (TrueType)
MTEXTRA.TTFMT Extra (TrueType)
NIAGENG.TTFNiagara Engraved (TrueType)
NIAGSOL.TTFNiagara Solid (TrueType)
OCRAEXT.TTFOCR A Extended (TrueType)
OLDENGL.TTFOld English Text MT (TrueType)
ONYX.TTFOnyx (TrueType)
OUTLOOK.TTFMS Outlook (TrueType)
PALSCRI.TTFPalace Script MT (TrueType)
PAPYRUS.TTFPapyrus (TrueType)
PARCHM.TTFParchment (TrueType)
PERBI___.TTFPerpetua Bold Italic (TrueType)
PERB____.TTFPerpetua Bold (TrueType)
PERI____.TTFPerpetua Italic (TrueType)
PERTIBD.TTFPerpetua Titling MT Bold (TrueType)
PERTILI.TTFPerpetua Titling MT Light (TrueType)
PER_____.TTFPerpetua (TrueType)
PLAYBILL.TTFPlaybill (TrueType)
POORICH.TTFPoor Richard (TrueType)
PRISTINA.TTFPristina (TrueType)
RAGE.TTFRage Italic (TrueType)
RAVIE.TTFRavie (TrueType)
REFSAN.TTFMS Reference Sans Serif (TrueType)
REFSPCL.TTFMS Reference Specialty (TrueType)
ROCCB___.TTFRockwell Condensed (TrueType)
ROCC____.TTFRockwell Condensed Bold (TrueType)
ROCK.TTFRockwell (TrueType)
ROCKB.TTFRockwell Bold (TrueType)
ROCKBI.TTFRockwell Bold Italic (TrueType)
ROCKEB.TTFRockwell Extra Bold (TrueType)
ROCKI.TTFRockwell Italic (TrueType)
SCHLBKB.TTFCentury Schoolbook Bold (TrueType)
SCHLBKBI.TTFCentury Schoolbook Bold Italic (TrueType)
SCHLBKI.TTFCentury Schoolbook Italic (TrueType)
SCRIPTBL.TTFScript MT Bold (TrueType)
SEGOEUI.TTFSegoe UI (TrueType)
SEGOEUIB.TTFSegoe UI Bold (TrueType)
SEGOEUII.TTFSegoe UI Italic (TrueType)
SEGOEUIZ.TTFSegoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)
SHOWG.TTFShowcard Gothic (TrueType)
SNAP____.TTFSnap ITC (TrueType)
STENCIL.TTFStencil (TrueType)
TCBI____.TTFTw Cen MT Bold Italic (TrueType)
TCB_____.TTFTw Cen MT Bold (TrueType)
TCCB____.TTFTw Cen MT Condensed Bold (TrueType)
TCCEB.TTFTw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold (TrueType)
TCCM____.TTFTw Cen MT Condensed (TrueType)
TCMI____.TTFTw Cen MT Italic (TrueType)
TCM_____.TTFTw Cen MT (TrueType)
TEMPSITC.TTFTempus Sans ITC (TrueType)
VINERITC.TTFViner Hand ITC (TrueType)
VIVALDII.TTFVivaldi Italic (TrueType)
VLADIMIR.TTFVladimir Script (TrueType)
WINGDNG2.TTFWingdings 2 (TrueType)
WINGDNG3.TTFWingdings 3 (TrueType)
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