How to add or remove Windows Components by using Sysocmgr.exe


This article describes how to add or remove Windows components by using the Sysocmgr.exe tool.

More Information

You can use the Sysocmgr.exe tool at a command prompt to add or remove Windows components. You can use the following command-line switches with Sysocmgr.exe:

  • /i:path to Sysoc.inf file, where path to Sysoc.inf file is the full path to the Sysoc.inf file, for example:

  • /u:path to answer file, where path to answer file is the full path to the answer file that contains a list of items to add or remove.
  • /q - runs Sysocmgr.exe in quiet mode (without display pages)
  • /r - suppresses reboot (if needed)
Note This procedure does not work and is unsupported with Microsoft Fax Service, Windows Media Player, COM+, and Distributed Transaction Coordinator. These are core components that are not removable. Additionally, in Windows 2000, this procedure does not work with the Microsoft Fax Service. This is because the Microsoft Fax Service is not an individual component in Windows 2000. Instead, the Microsoft Fax Service is a subcomponent of a larger group in Windows 2000.

The answer file can be any Windows answer file and only parses the [Components] and [NetOptionalComponents] sections. An example file is shown below:

Netoc = on
Reminst = on
Paint = off
pinball = off
Solitaire = off

lpdsvc = 1
SimpTcp = 1
wins = 1
To start the installation or uninstallation of these components using Sysocmgr.exe, type the following command (file saved as c:\ocm.txt):

sysocmgr /i:%windir%\inf\sysoc.inf /u:c:\ocm.txt
For more information, please refer to the unattended documentation.