Outlook Hotmail Connector users see error (0x8004102A) : ‘Error with Send/Receive’ during normal sync


While synching your Hotmail account in Outlook using the Outlook Hotmail Connector, you may see the following error in the Send/Receive dialog:

“Task ‘<Hotmail account>’ reported error (0x8004102A) : ‘Error with Send/Receive’.”


This error is reported when the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector account is syncing changes to a folder and cannot find the folder in the Outlook client.  A common way this could happen is when a folder is deleted in Outlook and then deleted from the web before Outlook syncs the deletion to the server.  In this case, the error should resolve itself after a few synchronizations because no more changes will be sent for either folder.

In some cases, the error will persist for mail folders created on the web.  One way this can happen is by creating a mail folder in Hotmail or Outlook, deleting the folder in Outlook without syncing, and then re-adding the folder in Hotmail.

This error can also be displayed when deleting a secondary or shared calendar folder in the Outlook Hotmail Connector account does not delete the calendar from the server.  This error will persist until the folder is removed completely from the server using the web.  This issue is expected to be fixed in the next release of Outlook Hotmail Connector.


Here is how to find out if the issue is caused by a mail folder or the secondary calendar folder bug:

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook profile containing the Outlook Hotmail Connector account.

2. Click on the folder icon in the bottom left corner of Outlook to View All Folders.

3. In the Folder list, find the Outlook Hotmail Connector account’s folders and select the Sync Issues subfolder.

4. Read the most recent sync issue and look for the lines 
              Error Synchronizing Folder

                Error: cc

              Server Command: CHANGE

              Server Id: 1a043616-0a1c-4464-95ab-3fdf0d5fd804

              Folder Name: DeletedFolderName

5. Look for the “Folder Name” listed under the Error to find the name of the folder causing this error. 

6. If this folder exists as a mail folder in both Hotmail and Outlook, follow these steps:

To work around the issue if it is caused by a mail folder that exists both on Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps:

1. Look on Hotmail and in Microsoft Outlook to determine which of the erroring folder has the most current items, as it is likely one of these has fallen out of sync due to the error.

2. Copy the folder and rename the copy to a temporary name. 

3. Perform a Send/Receive in Microsoft Outlook and ensure the temporary folder is present both on the web and the client after sync. It may take a couple of synchronizations if a lot of items are present in the folder.

4. Delete the original folder from Hotmail and in Microsoft Outlook.

5. Perform another Send/Receive in Microsoft Outlook. You will likely see the error one last time.

6. Perform a Send/Receive up to five times – the original folder error should go away.

7. If the same error code persists, look at the Sync Issues folder again to find any more folder names that are out of sync with the server and perform steps 1 through 5 again.

If the folder is the name of a secondary calendar folder that no longer exists in Outlook, follow these steps:

1. Log onto your Hotmail account using your internet browser.

2. avigate to the Calendar page of your Hotmail account.

3. Click on the calendar folder that has been deleted from Outlook but still exists on the web.

4. When the settings page for that calendar appears, click the Delete button at the bottom of the settings.

5. When the Windows Live Calendar page returns, ensure that the folder is no longer displaying in the calendar folder list.

6. In Outlook, click the Send/Receive All Folders button in the Send/Receive tab or press F9 on the keyboard.  Allow Send/Receive to complete and then sync again. 

7. Navigate to the Calendar module of Outlook and ensure the erroring calendar folder has not reappeared in the folder list.  The error should also no longer display in Send/Receive Progress. 

8. If the same error code persists, look at the Sync Issues folder again to find any more folder names that cause the same error and perform steps 1 through 7 again if it is a calendar folder, or the second set of steps above if it is a mail folder.