INFO: Usage and Redistribution of FM20.DLL


This article describes the usage and redistribution of the Microsoft Forms 2.0 Controls, Fm20.dll. Developers who build custom applications using these controls need to be aware of certain restrictions.

More Information

If you use any of the following components in your custom application, then your users must have the Fm20.dll on their system in order for the following controls to load and function:
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 CheckBox
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 ComboBox
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 CommandButton
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 Form
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 Frame
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML SUBMIT
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML Hidden
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML IMAGE
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML OPTION
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML Password
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML RESET
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML SELECT
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML CHECKBOX
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML TEXT
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 HTML TextAREA
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 Image
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 Label
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 ListBox
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 MultiPage
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 OptionButton
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 ScrollBar
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 SpinButton
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 TabStrip
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 TextBox
  • Microsoft Forms 2.0 ToggleButton
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 ControlPalette
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 ControlSelector
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 DataObject
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 Font
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 FontNew
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 FormPackage
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 Picture
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 SubForm95
  • Microsoft Forms 2.1 Toolbox
The Fm20.dll is NOT redistributable. You must have an application such as Microsoft Office 97 on the target system that installs Fm20.dll as part of its setup. (Fm20.dll is included with the OSR2 and OSR2.5 releases of Windows 95.) You can also find this file on the Visual Basic 5.0 CD under the \TOOLS\DataTool\Datatool\Msdesign folder. This will be installed only if you run the setup for the Visual Database Tools. In any case, you may not distribute the Fm20.dll as part of your setup, even if you purchase the Microsoft Office Developer Edition product.

As an alternative to having your end users install Microsoft Office, you can have them freely download and install the Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad, which also installs the Fm20.dll. For more information, see the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:
NOTE: The use of these Microsoft Forms components in your own compiled applications, such as those written with Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic, is not recommended or supported. These controls were designed and tested to work exclusively within Microsoft Office and its Visual Basic for Applications environment.


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