A virtualized application on a Microsoft App-V client fails to launch with Error Code: 2A-00002AF9


An application on an App-V client fails to launch with the following error:

The Application Virtualization Client could not launch application name.
No such host is known.
Error Code: xxxxxxx-xxxxxx2A-00002AF9


This issue can occur if the server name specified in the HREF attribute in the application .osd file is incorrect.


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

1. On the App-V Management Server, open the application .osd file and scroll down to the following line:

<CODEBASE HREF="rtsp://servername:554/ApplicationDirectory/Application.sft"

2. Verify that the server name specified in the HREF attribute is correct.

Example: If the App-V Management Server name is Appv-Svr, the HREF attribute should look like the example below:
<CODEBASE HREF="rtsp://Appv-Svr:554/ApplicationDirectory/Application.sft"

3. Once the sever name is corrected in the application .osd file, open the Application Virtualization Client MMC snap-in on the App-V client and refresh the Publishing Server.

4. Launch the application on the App-V client.