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This Readme file contains updated information for the entire Microsoft Visual Studio suite of developer tools. If you downloaded a Core service pack from the Internet, not all sections of this file apply to the updates you received. The fixed issues appropriate for the Core downloads are those listed in the Visual Studio section plus the sections for the products updated by your Core download.

The Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3 Readme contains the following sections:

PART 1: Overview and Installation

PART 2: Visual Studio

PART 3: Visual Basic

PART 4: Visual C++

PART 5: Visual FoxPro

PART 6: Visual InterDev

PART 7: Visual J++

PART 8: Visual SourceSafe

PART 9: File Versions

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More Information

Microsoft Visual FoxPro


This service pack contains enhanced language features and bug fixes. For details on language and feature changes included in this update, see VFPSP3.CHM located in the Visual FoxPro 6.0 root directory. VFPSP3.CHM provides the details on the following Visual FoxPro 6 features:
  • Servers - The primary emphasis of Service Pack 3 is multithreaded server work. Three-tier applications use Visual FoxPro MTDLL servers in the middle tier. Ideally, you use these servers with IIS, ASPs, FoxISAPI, MTS, and MSMQ. You can also use the MTDLL server with dual and multi-processor machines if you have them available. You should review the "Language not Supported in MTDLL" section in the server additions file, VFPSP3.chm, to ensure your MTDLL servers do not include any of the affected language.
  • Session class - Creates a custom, user-defined object that manages its own data session.
  • Run-time compiler support - Ensures your existing applications work and function correctly as they did in Visual FoxPro 6.0. Rerun and recompile all your applications to make sure they behave properly.
  • ActiveX Controls - Several improvements were made to ActiveX control support to make it possible for the OleControl control to work with more types of ActiveX controls, such as the Microsoft Hierarchical Flexgrid.

Enhanced and New Language Elements

This update to Visual FoxPro includes the following new and enhanced commands and features:
  • AddLineFeeds property - Formats edit box contents with carriage return-line feed characters.
  • BUILD MTDLL - Creates a multithreaded DLL.
  • COMPILE command - Adds run-time support.
  • Session Class - A custom, user-defined class that manages its own data session.
  • StartMode property of _VFP - Indicates how an instance of Visual FoxPro was started.
  • ThreadID property _VFP - Returns the Win32 ID of the thread on which the object was called.
  • ProcessID property _VFP - Returns the unique identifier of the current process.

Class Browser Issues

The following Class Browser issues have been addressed in Service Pack 3:
  • 189709 Class Browser Code Does Not Show Correct Visibility
  • 191875 Multiple Open Class Browsers Cause Error Message
  • 221708 Class Browser Open File History List Truncates File Names
  • 221715 Class Browser HTML Export Code Gives Invalid HTML 3.2 Code
  • 222112 Class Not Selected Opening Class Browser From Form Designer
  • Add timestamp to export class
  • Class Browser Fails to Open New Window With Multiple Files Browser
  • ParentClass edit button doesn't persist after closing Class Browser
  • ParentClass edit button doesn't properly show class hierarchy tree of parent classes
  • ParentClass edit button should be closable and sizable
  • Redefine dialog doesn't properly include all available classes in drop-down list
  • Rename and redefine buttons are not properly enabled and run when property or method is selected
  • Selecting item from history list doesn't select proper control after refresh
  • Shift+F10 for shortcut menu broken for class list treeview control
  • Show parameters of method and property values using tooltip of member description
  • Using listbox (non ActiveX) mode, hidden and protected methods cause errors.

Component Gallery Issues

The following Component Gallery issues have been addressed in Service Pack 3:
  • 185627 Right-Click of Empty Component Gallery Causes Error
  • 190774 Keyboard Can Cause Component Gallery to Close
  • 195625 Set Component Gallery Dynamic Folder to HTMLHelp Fails
  • 195627 Right-Clicking Item in Find Results View Fails in Gallery
  • 195628 Visual FoxPro Will Not Shutdown With Multiple Component Galleries
  • 195629 Cannot Add Items to Catalogs Not in VFP 98 Directory
  • 195633 Save Dynamic View Causes Subscript Outside Defined Range
  • 221631 Component Gallery Find/Cancel Leaves "Unknown" DataSession
  • 221644 Can Drag Folder in Installed Controls In Component Gallery
  • 221667 Class Items Saved in Different Classlib Won't Add to Project Automatically
  • 221668 Component Gallery Places Focus in Linked Item Folder After Delete
  • 221703 Component Gallery Doesn't Refresh Web View After Item Props
  • 221709 Component Gallery Refresh Button for Web View Doesn't Work
  • 221710 Component Gallery Dynamic Folder for Web View Won't Refresh
  • 221716 Component Gallery Not Refreshing Dynamic Web View
  • Creating duplicate view names should not be allowed
  • Extra refreshing of folder occurs when properties dialog box changed and gallery refreshed
  • Folder item selection should not be hidden when item in right pane is selected
  • Problems with instances persisting font and position information
  • Shift+F10 for shortcut menu broken folder and item list controls
  • Shortcut menus cancelled with mouse over ActiveX control cause refresh problem
  • Should not be able to remove vpfglry.dbf catalog from view
  • Views are not sorted if more than one subfolder for the view exists
  • Web View forward button is not enabled after navigating back a Web page
  • When using a custom folder picture, folder item in right pane doesn't match

FoxPro Foundation Classes Issues

The following FoxPro Foundation Classes (FFC) issues have been addressed in Service Pack 3:
  • 186912 Error Using Trimcrlf Method of _stringlib Class
  • 195626 Save As HTML Not Working Correctly with Double Data Types
  • 197275 _urlcombobox Class Closes Any Current Work Area
  • 221620 _GraphByRecord in _utility.vcx Should Show Name
  • 221628 Using Genhtml.prg in Distributed Apps Difficult
  • 221636 _therm.vcx Classes Have Color Problems With Bars
  • 221663 registry.vcx foxreg.EnumOptions Contains Recursion
  • 221704 _URLComboBox in _internet.vcx Has Trouble w/ URLs
  • 221705 _URLComboBox in _internet.vcx Large Drop-Down Issue
  • 221711 Problem with Element Tag With _XMLTag in _html.vcx
  • 221712 _XMLTag/_StyleTag in _html.vcx Use Wrong Extension
  • 221713 Possible Run-time Error with _EvalText in _html.vcx
  • 221714 _Hyperlink Classes Builder Doesn't Allow Long URL
  • 221748 Genhtml.prg Fails With SET COVERAGE TO
  • 222111 _WebBrowser3 and 4 in _webview.vcx Give Ref. Error
  • genhtml.prg error when GenHTML.prg does not exist
  • _menu.vcx ActiveX Control Not Firing Events Properly When Class Used to Display Menu
  • RunCode.prg/_RunCode::Environ.vcx Embedding EXIT Within DO/ENDDO Causes Endless Eoop
  • RunCode.prg/_RunCode::Environ.vcx Embedding IF/ENDIF Within DO/ENDDO Doesn't Work
  • RunCode.prg/_RunCode::Environ.vcx FOR STEP with Negative Step Doesn't Work

Product Issues

Visual FoxPro 6 SP3 provides resolution to the following product issues:
  • 165905 Activate Event of Page Not Triggered with Keyboard in VFP
  • 183522 Divide by Zero Creates Err with Third-Party Print Drivers
  • 185263 Keyboard "{PAUSE KEY}" Command Hangs Visual FoxPro
  • 191172 Performance Degradation with Repeated SQL SELECTs
  • 193254 Class ResetToDefault Method Causes Fatal Exception Error
  • 193294 PRTINFO() Function Causes Fatal Error on Windows 98
  • 193472 C0000005 Fatal Error Exiting Top-Level Form App in Win 95
  • 193628 APPEND FROM with Certain File Types Crashes VFP
  • 193724 Memory Leak Passing Arrays from VBScript to VFP
  • 193940 Wingdings/Webdings/FoxPrint Not Printing from Windows 98
  • 194612 AlwaysOnTop Property Always Returns .F. For TopLevel Forms
  • 194698 ScaleMode of Foxels Interferes with ColumnWidth Property
  • 195273 C0000005 Fatal Error When Removing Form From a Formset
  • 195623 Index Corruption When Table is Used in Read-Only Mode
  • 197510 Poor Performance with Forms Containing Many Objects
  • 199006 C0000005 Fatal Error Issuing PACK <tablename>
  • 214560 Installing Newer MSDN Causes Help to Malfunction
  • 216587 Previewing Report Writer Causes Memory Leak
  • 221613 Clicking Page Tab Executes Container Click Event
  • 221617 C0000005 Fatal Error After Frequent Use of CHRTRAN()
  • 221621 C0000005 Fatal Error In Editor Selecting Text Then Up Arrow
  • 221622 Hang When Resizing a ToolBar With ASELOBJ at Design-Time
  • 221624 Extra EOF Char Inserted With SELECT Within Transaction
  • 221626 Debug/Fix In Form Shows Form Controls Toolbar in Debugger
  • 221629 "Unknown COM status code" With ActiveX Conferencing Control
  • 221633 Visual FoxPro Hangs After Rebuilding an Application
  • 221634 C0000005 Error With CLOSE ALL in Project Hook BeforeBuild
  • 221639 Empty Memo Shows Trash Data With Trace Window Mouse Over
  • 221640 C0000005 Fatal Error Importing Chinese Excel 97 Worksheet
  • 221642 Memory Leak With SET SYSMENU TO DEFAULT
  • 221643 Shortcut Menus Limited by Form Size, Have Up/Down Arrows
  • 221645 _SCREEN.Forms[ ] Collection Not Available at Design-Time
  • 221646 ERR files Contain Carriage Return and No Linefeed
  • 221650 Error 11 (Function argument invalid) w/ SQL SELECT 'LIKE'
  • 221652 Filter Ignored With REPORT FORM...NOWAIT and DE Table
  • 221653 APPEND FROM TYPE CSV Does Not Include Extension by Default
  • 221657 C0000005 Error With Specific Access Methods and Debugger
  • 221662 Error Calling FPOLE With Single Quote (') in Caption
  • 221664 C0000005 Fatal Error Doing USE on ADO Recordset Twice
  • 221665 C0000005 Fatal Error With Invalid Form Include File Syntax
  • 221669 Return of COM Server Objref Causes Server To Not Release
  • 221670 Multiselect Fails in Class Designer for Objects on Page
  • 221671 OLE Error "Member not found" Using MSMQ
  • 221673 Hangul Input In ControlSource Not Supported In Korean VFP
  • 221674 Import Wizard Fails With Excel 97 file with Chinese Chars
  • 221679 Servers Do Not Release if Init Returns .F.
  • 221680 C0000005 Fatal Error with TRANSFORM() on Long Strings
  • 221681 Locals Window Not Refreshed With SUSP or SET STEP ON
  • 221682 Expanding/Collapsing Big Array in Watch/Locals Windows Slow
  • 221685 NODEFAULT in Activate of Page Can Cause Fatal Error
  • 221686 Hang When Arrowing Through Disabled Item in Combo
  • 221687 C0000005 Fatal Error with CLEAR DEBUGGER and SUSPEND
  • 221688 _VFP.Eval() Only Accepts Strings of 255 Characters or Less
  • 221690 C0000005 Error with Repeated SQL SELECTs Using BETWEEN( )
  • 221692 Project Object Modify Method Fails if Path Contains Spaces
  • 221693 This.Caption=This.Text Causes Fatal Exception Error
  • 221696 C00000FD Fatal Error Docking Toolbar in Rare Circumstance
  • 221698 Project Manager Not Refreshed Correctly After Build
  • 221700 CommandTargetExec Ignores Return Value
  • 221701 MouseUp Event Does Not Fire on Contained Objects
  • 221702 C0000005 Fatal Error w/ ISBLANK( ) and Array Prop in Init
  • 221707 Trace Breaks Too Often With Breakpoint on SET("NULL")
  • 221718 C0000005 Fatal Error Saving FormSet After Add Cancel in DE
  • 221719 Polish Collate Sequence Not Available in Options Data Tab
  • 221720 COM Servers Cannot Redimension Arrays Passed by Reference
  • 221721 Mismatched Pushjmp/Popjmp With DataToClip( ) on Big Table
  • 221722 C0000005 Fatal Error Using DIRECTORY("\\\dirname")
  • 221723 Container Click Not Fired When Clicking Disabled Control
  • 221725 DATE() Function Does Not Propagate NULLs Properly
  • 221726 C0000005 Fatal Error Creating Index Tag
  • 221727 FOXUSER Stores Wrong Form Window State if MDI State Changed
  • 221728 C0000005 Fatal Error With MODIFY WINDOW SCREEN in EXE
  • 221730 Enabled_Assign Fires Incorrectly for Container in Container
  • 221731 Copy/Paste Allowed With Password Character
  • 221732 Multiple Opens of Memo File May Cause Corruption
  • 221733 C0000005 Fatal Error With French Wizstyle Baseform Class
  • 221734 C0000005 Fatal Error With Invalid Property Name
  • 221735 Reference to ActiveForm Doesn't Allow Access to All Props
  • 221736 WriteExpression Fails With Unknown Error Code -5
  • 221737 C0000005 Fatal Error With SET('RELATION') Function
  • 221738 Memory Leak With SET SYSMENU OFF
  • 221739 Error Using Form Property > 255 Characters As Parameter
  • 221740 Form Object Is Not Released After Using PEMSTATUS()
  • 221741 C0000005 Fatal Error With Unknown Var in Include File
  • 221742 C0000005 Fatal Error With Big Array Property
  • 221743 NVL() Releases Object Ref and Causes Fatal Error C0000005
  • 221744 C0000005 Fatal Error During Build w/ Invalid Preprocessors
  • 221747 C0000005 Fatal Error Passing FGETS() a String > 256 Chars
  • 221749 Top Level Forms With Menus Allow Access to Datasession 0
  • 222136 C0000005 Fatal Error Typing Characters in Find Dialog
  • 224988 CREATE FROM Command Incorrectly Assumes .dbf Extension
  • 224989 "Not Enough Memory" Error With SQLCOLUMNS() and SQL Server
  • 229020 @GET Displays Incorrect Year in Date With SET CENTURY OFF

Wizards Issues

The following Wizards issues have been addressed in Service Pack 3:

Application Wizard
  • 221656 Difficult To Add Records To Form in Application Wizard App
Form Wizard
  • 221615 Form Wizard Error # 11 in AddDetail With Long Table Name
  • 221618 Form Wizard Error Sorting by 2 Fields With DBCS Names
  • 221637 Form Wizard Error With Maximum Design Area Set to (None)
  • 221641 Form Wizard Error w/ Scrolling Grid Style and Remote Views
Label Wizard
  • 221638 Label Wizard Requests Definitions Not Installed By Setup
  • 221638 Label Wizard Requests Definitions Not Installed By Setup
Remote View Wizard
  • 221614 Remote View Wizard Gives Error with Spaces in Table Name
Report Wizard
  • 221616 Report Wizard Error # 11 in Getpicture With Long Table Name
RI Builder
  • 221648 RI Code Not Selecting Right Work Area After Cascaded Delete
Setup Wizard
  • 193470 Setup Error 827 Installing Multiple OCX Files
  • 193696 Set Mark To '.' Causes Invalid Distribution Disks
  • 193751 Do Not Use Commas in Step 4 of Setup Wizard Dialog Box
  • 194195 Setup Wizard Cannot Differentiate Files with Same Name
  • 194196 No Help File with Distributed App
  • 194197 Application Setup Fails on Some Computers
  • 194198 Setup Wizard Does Not Print All Reports
  • 194199 Not All Setup Wizard Options are Saved in Wzsetup.ini
  • 196236 Error Generating Cab Files Error Code 3
  • 197941 Setup Wizard Cannot Register Foxhhelpps.dll File
SQL Upsizing Wizard
  • 221659 SQL Upsizing Wizard May Fail To Create PK Indexes
  • 221666 SQL Upsizing Wizard Save Generated SQL Bloats Script.fpt
  • 221676 SQL Upsizing Wizard Gives "Error #1234 in remotizeviews"
  • 221677 SQL Upsizing Wizard Problem if Upsized View Has == Filter
  • 221750 Upsizing to SQL 7.0 with Currency Type Fails
Visual FoxPro Application Framework
  • 221651 Error Log Dialog Cuts Off Vertical Scroll Bar
  • 221655 Set Filter Dialog Does Not Show Current Filters
Web Publishing Wizard
  • 221632 Web Publishing Wizard Gives RunCode Run-Time Error

Xbase Tools Issues

The following Xbase Tools issues have been addressed in Service Pack 3:

  • 195514 Error Loading File when Converting a 2.6 Form in Visual FoxPro 6.0
  • 221675 Problem Converting FP2.6 Screens With Large Labels & @SAYs
  • 228867 Converting 2.6 Label Causes Report File is Invalid Error
Coverage Profiler
  • 221623 Coverage Profiler Marks Unexecuted Lines in "IF...ENDIF"
  • 221672 Coverage Profiler Does Not Accept Long Coverage File Names

Known Issues

  • FGETS function update

    A minor behavior change was necessary for the FGETS() function related to Knowledge Base article
    221747 (C0000005 Fatal Error Passing FGETS() a String >256 chars). The optional nBytes parameter now has a maximum value of 8192. By definition, FGETS() will only return bytes up to a carriage return if one is encountered before the parameter value is reached.
  • Gridbtns class

    A problem exists in the GridBtns class of Wizards\Wizbtns.vcx which prevents data from being saved on certain data input forms. If you drop this class (also referenced in the Component Gallery as Simple Edit Buttons) onto a data input form, edits to records will not be saved. This class is also used by the Form Wizard with the Scrolling Grid style, however, the problem does not exist with these generated forms.

    To work around this problem: Replace contents of CheckError method with the following:
    #DEFINE ERR_UNIQUEKEY3_LOC "A unique key error violation has occurred. That record will be reverted."
    #DEFINE ERR_RVIEWUPDATE_LOC "A problem occurred updating the remote data. That record will be reverted."


    IF aGetErrors[1] = 1884
    * Uniqueness ID error

    IF CursorGetProp("sourcetype",.ALIAS)=2
    * If failed to update, check for remote view and revert
    Replace the following section of code in the Destroy method:
    IF USED(.ALIAS) AND ATC("CURSOR",.BaseClass)#0 AND ;
    CursorGetProp("sourcetype",.ALIAS)=3 AND ;
    * If your form has General fields, there is a possibility
    With the following:
    IF USED(.ALIAS) AND ATC("CURSOR",.BaseClass)#0 AND ;
    IF !TableUpdate(.T.,.T.,.ALIAS) && update on exit
    * If your form has General fields, there is a possibility
  • Toolbar preferences

    After installing Visual Studio Service Pack 3, you must update the system toolbar preferences stored in the resource file, Foxuser.DBF. For example, if you have a distributed application that ships a Foxuser file containing a Print Preview toolbar preference that hides the Print button, you need to re-create this preference for the Foxuser file being used by the application.


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