Remote Controlling or "Shadowing" RemoteApp sessions is not supported


When an administrator Remote Controls ("Shadows") a RemoteApp session, unexpected behavior may be observed when the adminstrator ends the remote control session such as:
  • The user can no longer see the window for the application, they see only part of the original window, or they see only a blank area where the window used to be.
  • The user can no longer interact with the application. Attempting to do so may result in the window completely disappearing if it was paritally visible before.
  • If the user relaunches the application it launches a new instance instead recovering the original one; the window for the original instance is still missing. In this case the administrator may observe in Remote Desktop Services Manager that both the original and new instances of the application are runniing.


Remote Controlling, or "Shadowing", a RemoteApp session is not supported.



Use Remote Assistance to the client machine from which the RemoteApp was launched.