Supported command line options for the Microsoft App-V 4.5 Management Server installer


The following table describes the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) command-line parameters that are available for the Microsoft App-V 4.5 Management Server.

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OPTINTrue\FalseConfigures the MU optin.
USERNAMEString value that specifies the user name who is performing the install.
COMPANYNAMEString value that specifies the company name that owns the system.
ADDLOCALRelease_SoftGrid_Server, Release_AppVirt_Vss_Writer, Release_SoftGrid_Management_Console, Release_SoftGrid_Mgmt_Web_ServiceA comma separated list of the App-V Server options that you want to install on the system.
DB_HOSTString value that specifies the hostname of the SQL Server system.
DB_SERVICEString value that specifies the database on the SQL Server system that is going to be created or used.
DB_PORT1433Numeric value that specifies the SQL Server remote connection port number.
SWICERTHASHString value that specifies the certificate thumbprint for the certificate that is installed on the system.
SWISERVERRTSPPORT554/322Numeric value that specifies the RTSP(S) port number on the server.
SWIADMINGROUPString value that specifies the Admin Group for the server.
SWIUSERGROUPString value that specifies the User Group for the Default Provider Policy.
SWIDOMAINNAMEString value that specifies the domain name from which the Admin and User groups mentioned above belong to.
SWICONTENTDIRString value that specifies the content directory for the server.
INSTALLDIRString value that specifies the installation directory for the server.

As an example, the following sample command line installs the Management Server using all the command line options mentioned above:

msiexec /i "setup.msi" /qn /l*vx %temp%\serverinstall.txt OPTIN="true" USERNAME="UserJim" COMPANYNAME="Contoso" ADDLOCAL="Release_SoftGrid_Server,Release_AppVirt_Vss_Writer,Release_SoftGrid_Management_Console,Release_SoftGrid_Mgmt_Web_Service" DB_HOST="MySQLServer" DB_SERVICE="MySQLDatabase" DB_PORT="1433" SWICERTHASH="1A7E958464C90DABC1232372538A83624600E276" SWISERVERRTSPPORT="322" SWIDOMAINNAME="" SWIADMINGROUP="MyAppVAdminGroup" SWIUSERGROUP="MyAppVUserGroup" SWICONTENTDIR="c:\program files\Microsoft System Center App Virt Management Server\App Virt Management Server\content\" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center App Virt Management Server\"