Prerequisites for installing Internet Explorer 9

Applies to: Internet Explorer 9

When you install Windows Internet Explorer 9, additional software and components are also installed as part of the process. These are Internet Explorer 9 prerequisites, and their details vary, depending on the operating system that your computer is running. However, if some of these prerequisites can’t be installed automatically, the Internet Explorer 9 installation process will not finish. In that case, you have to manually install the prerequisite software and components that are described later in this article.

Things to consider before you go the manual install route

Manually install the Internet Explorer 9 prerequisites

If you’ve ruled out the automatic installation issues we asked you to consider in the previous section, go ahead and manually install the prerequisite software and components. To do this, use one of the following methods, as appropriate for the operating system you’re running.

For Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

For Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

Known issues

You may receive an error message when you try to install Internet Explorer 9. Installation problems can have various causes. For more information about how to resolve these problems, see How to troubleshoot Internet Explorer 9 installation problems.