Error message when you try to synchronize an external list with SharePoint WorkSpace 2010: "This list doesn't have items to display"


Consider the following scenario:
  • You create an external list in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 from a database on a server that is running Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace 2010.
  • The database table field names contain special characters such as any of the following:
    • A period (.)
    • A backslash (\)
    • A bracket ([)

    Note This list may not include all the special characters that may cause this problem.
  • You try to synchronize the external list with SharePoint WorkSpace 2010.

In this scenario, you cannot synchronize the external list with SharePoint WorkSpace 2010. Additionally, you receive the following error message:
This list doesn't have items to display.


This problem occurs because SharePoint WorkSpace 2010 cannot parse the special characters.


To resolve this problem, replace the special characters in the database table field names with standard alphabetical characters.

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