How to create performance counter alert and send email when the alert is triggered


Step 1 To configure alert actions

1.Expand Reliability and Performance in the navigation pane.

2.Expand Data Collector Sets, expand User Defined, and click the name of the Data Collector Set with performance counter alerts.

3.In the console pane, right-click the name of a Data Collector whose type is Alert and click Properties.

4.On the Data Collector Properties page, click the Alerts tab. The data collectors and alerts already configured should appear.

5.Click the Alert Action tab to choose whether to write an entry to the event log Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/Diagnosis-PLA/Operational when the alert criteria are met. You can also start a Data Collector Set when the alert criteria are met.

6.Click the Alert Task tab to choose a Windows Management Interface (WMI) task and arguments to run when the alert criteria are met.

Step 2 Creating a task in task scheduler

1.Click start Adminstrative tools>Task Scheduler

2.Right click Task Scheduler Library-select create task

3.Enter the task name

4.check the box for Run with highest privileges

5.Select Action tab and select New

6.In the New Action window under Action select Send an e-mail

7.Fill the email details and click ok

Step 3.

1.Go to the properties of the DataCollector Set that we created in step 1 Alert Task and type the task name that we created in step 2.