How to Print to Local Printer from a Terminal Server Client Session


This article describes how to print to a local printer when you are connected to Windows NT Terminal Server.

More Information

When you connect a Terminal Server client (RDP4.0 or RDP5.0) to Windows NT Terminal Server Edition 4.0, make sure the following items are complete to print to the Terminal Server Client's local printer:

  • The Terminal Server must have the client's printer driver installed at the server. Install the Windows NT printer driver on the Terminal Server regardless of what operating system is running on the client computer.
  • The Terminal Server must have NetBIOS name resolution to the Terminal Server Client computer. Microsoft recommends you use WINS for NetBIOS name resolution. If you cannot use WINS, then you need to use a static IP address if you are on a LAN or request a predetermined IP address if you are using a RAS or VPN client. The server's LMHOSTS file needs to resolve the client computer's NetBIOS name to the client computer's static or predetermined IP address.
  • If you use a RAS or VPN connection, you must log in to the domain in order to have NetBIOS functionality.
  • You need to share the local printer on the client computer.

NOTE: Windows 2000 Terminal Services provides local printer redirection by default using Virtual Channels.