“Access Denied” error trying to rename a file on share available offline

Applies to: Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows Vista BusinessWindows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise


Consider the following scenario:

A user is working offline, and tries to rename a file on a share that is offline. The user renames the file to the same name, but with a different case (UPPERCASE lowercase). 

For example, a user renames an offline file from all.txt to All.txt.

The operation will fail with on-screen error "Access Denied - Try Again".

For example if you have a file named “ALLUPPERCASE.TXT” and want to rename it in Explorer to “AllUpperCase.txt”
you will be denied if the file is set to be always available offline.


This is a known issue issue with offline files (CSC).

Offline Files (CSC or Client Side Cache) prevents users from changing the case of file names once those files are made available offline.


Workaround #1

To work around the issue, change the name of the file that you are wanting to rename to a different name first, then rename that file to the original name with the different case sensitiveness. 

e.g. all.txt rename to All2.txt rename to All.txt

Workaround #2

Assuming that the user has the following FQDN path in the CSC offline cache

it will be still possible to rename the file or folder using the NetBIOS name of the server, for example 

or using the IP-address of the server