Office 2010 - Performance and Caching Add-on Disabled by Default in Internet Explorer 9


For users of Microsoft Office 2010, a browser add-on for Internet Explorer, called the Office Document Cache Handler, is installed that eliminates an unnecessary file download when opening Office documents stored on SharePoint or other servers  that support DAV or MS-FSSHTTP file transfer protocols. The add-on also makes hyperlinks to documents stored on these servers work even if the server is unavailable or the user is offline by using a copy stored in Office Document Cache. In Internet Explorer 9, this browser add-on is disabled by default and needs to be re-enabled.

How to re-enable the add-on using Internet Explorer:

To re-enable the add-on in Internet Explorer 9, click “Tools” -> “Manage add-ons”, then from the “Toolbars and Extensions” list select “Office Document Cache Handler” and then click Enable in the lower right-hand corner.

Issues faced if the add-on remains disabled:

If the add-on is left disabled, Office documents downloaded from SharePoint and some other file servers will take longer to open because the first time a link to the file is clicked, the file is downloaded by Internet Explorer but must be re-downloaded by Office before being opened. Any time this link is clicked again, Internet Explorer will download the file again instead of using the copy of the document in the Office Document Cache, to reduce download size. Also, hyperlinks pointing to documents on these servers that have been previously opened and cached by the Office Upload Center will not work when the server is unreachable or the user is offline because the browser will attempt to download the file instead of using the cached copy.

More Information

How to re-enable the add-on using Group Policy:

  • Launch the Group Policy Editor.

    For more information on how to edit security settings on a Group Policy object, please visit 
  •  Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Security Features > Add-on Management > 
     Add-on List.
  • Set this policy to 'Enabled'.
  • In the Add-on List, add the CLSID of BHO (Browser Helper Object) (i.e.) {B4F3A835-0E21-4959-BA22-42B3008E02FF} as the ‘Value Name’ and 1 as the 'Value'.
  • Log out of the machine and log back in again for the setting to take effect

More documentation on managing this setting can be found at

For more information on the Office Upload Center, visit: