You may experience tearing when using Internet Explorer for playback of streamed video content when Windows 7 Aero is disabled

Applies to: Windows 7 Home PremiumWindows 7 Home BasicWindows 7 Professional


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a computer running Windows 7 where the Aero feature is disabled
  • Your computer is a netbook or has a slower CPU
  • Internet Explorer is running in full screen
  • You are playing streamed video content through Internet Explorer
In this scenario, you may notice some video tearing that occurs. Tearing may also occur but not be as noticeable when running IE in windowed mode or on computers with faster processors.


This behavior has been noticed on computers that have Windows Aero disabled. In addition, it can also be dependent upon the multimedia platform used to create or stream the video content.


To resolve this issue, you can try implementing the following suggesitons:

  1. Enable Aero on the Windows 7 PC. Due to hardware limitations or the version of Windows 7 on the PC, this may not be possible.
  2. Try upgrading to the latest version of the application that is used in Internet Explorer to stream video. 
  3. Run Internet Explorer in a window when streaming video.

More Information

Windows 7 Starter does not ship with the Aero feature. If you are running Windows 7 Starter, you will need to try one of the workarounds listed above other than enabling Aero.