Print jobs using point and print on Windows 7 and Vista with Server 2003 as a print server may not print correctly or may cause printer errors

Applies to: Windows 7 Home PremiumWindows 7 ProfessionalWindows 7 Enterprise


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have Windows Server 2003 as a Print Server.
  • You have Windows 7 and Windows Vista clients connecting to the Print Server to use for Point and Print.
  • The print job you initiate on the clients does not print correctly or causes printer errors.


Windows 7 and Windows Vista are newer operating systems and may have newer fonts that are not available on Windows Server 2003.  This can cause print jobs to print out incorrectly.


Change the print drivers font setting from "Download Fonts as Outlines" to "Download Fonts as Bitmaps".

The "Download Fonts as Bitmap" option makes print jobs to be rendered as a bitmap, which does not require matching fonts on the client and server operating systems for print jobs.

*If you attempt to copy fonts from the server to the client in a mixed print server environment with other client operating systems, this cannot make the fonts match for all client operating systems. The recommended solution to this issue is to change the driver font settings.

More Information

On newer server operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2, Client Side Rendering was introduced to handle issues such as this. Client Side Rendering allows the print job to be rendered on the client, instead of the print server. This resolves rendering issues such as this for mismatched fonts.  

For additional information regarding Client Side Rendering, please see the following link: