"List from Spreadsheet" using SharePoint Designer 2010 throws "An unexpected error has occurred"


Issue Description : If you try to import a spreadsheet from within SharePoint Designer 2010 to create a list in Sharepoint 2010 you get an error

"An unexpected error has occurred."

Steps To Reproduce:
  • Browse to a SharePoint site
  • From the Site Settings menu click on "Edit In SharePoint Designer"
  • Within SharePoint Designer, choose left menu "Lists and Items"
  • From the Ribbon menu click "List from Spreadsheet"
  • SharePoint Designer will launch the SharePoint site within a browser
  • Add a title on the list and choose File then click Import
  • You will get error message "An unexpected error has occurred"


The URL when you try to load the page from SharePoint Designer will look something like the following and it will not work:


Append to the URL on the page that is being called from Sharepoint Designer with the following and reload the page.





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