Shortcuts cannot be edited or created when upgrading a package in App-V 4.6 SP1

Applies to: Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Sequencer


When upgrading an existing virtual application package using Microsoft Spplication Virtualization 4.6 SP1, shortcuts are unable to be edited or added to the package.


This is by design. The Edit Shortcuts screen is not part of the Upgrade a Package wizard.  Typically, shortcuts are added or modified during initial sequencing.  Additionally, shortcuts can be added to existing packages by using the "Add an Application to an Existing Virtual Application Package" workflow.


To add shortcuts to an existing package:

1. Revert the sequencer to its pre-sequencing snapshot.
2. Copy the existing virtual application package to the sequencer.
3. Launch the sequencer.
4. Select "Modify an Existing Virtual Application Package."
5. Select "Add New Application." Click Next.

6. Select the .SPRJ file for the virtual application package copied over in step #2.  Click Next.
7. Follow the guidance provided, if any, during the "Prepare Computer" phase. Click Next.
8. On the "Select Installer" screen, select "Perform a custom application. Click Next.
NOTE: Adding an application is not required. The "Add an Application" workflow allows the "Edit Shortcuts" wizard screen accessible. No application is added for this KB.

9. Select "I am finished installing." Click Next.
10. If necessary, run each program to manage first use tasks as directed on the "Configure Software" screen.  Click Next when finished.
11. Review the Installation Report. Click Next.
12. Select "Customize. Further configure the virtual application package." Click Next.

13. On the "Edit Shortcuts" screen, right click on "Applications" and select "Add Application"

14. In the "Add Application" dialog, browse to the new application, and modify the fields as necessary.

15. Click "Add" when modification is complete. Click Next to continue.

16. On the "Prepare for Streaming" screen, run each program to optimize the package.  This is also referred to as defining Feature Block 1.
a. NOTE: When a package is modified, previous Feature Block 1 information is lost.  The package MUST be optimized at this stage in order to have Feature Block 1 information.