Known issues with the Sequencer Command Line Interface (CLI) in App-V 4.6 SP1

Applies to: Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Sequencer


This article discusses known issues when using the Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 SP1 sequencer command line interface (CLI). 

ISSUE: CLI ignores AppendPackageVersionToFilename from a template - instead, the value from Options dialog is used.
When a package is created with the CLI, the value AppendPackageVersionToFilename from the specified SPRT file (in argument /DEFAULT:) is not used.

Instead, the CLI uses whichever value is set in the GUI in the Options dialog:

SOLUTION: Set the value needed from the Options dialog in the GUI

ISSUE: CLI ignores CompressPackage from a template - instead, the value from Options dialog is used.

If a package is sequenced with the CLI, using a project template (.SPRT) that has "compress package" set to "Yes", the resulting .SPRJ file will have "Compress Package" set to "No."  The resulting package is not compressed.

The value from the "Output Options" on the GUI Package Editor Deployment tab determines the compression setting:

This issue only occurs when using the CLI and works correctly when using the GUI and templates.

SOLUTION:Specify the "/COMPRESS" flag when using the CLI for both creation or upgrade of packages.

ISSUE: MSI not created from CLI, Package Accelerator Rehydrate when /MSI is used.

Create a package from a package accelerator with this syntax:

sftsequencer /packageacceleratorfile:<path to .cab> /installmediapath:<path to media> /outputfile:<path to sprj> /msi /trustpackageaccelerator

SOLUTION: From the command prompt, use "/OPEN: /MSI" creates an MSI as a separately run command after the package is created.