Error "Sysprep.inf was not Found in VHD" when creating a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

Á við um: Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 2.0


When attempting to create a MED-V 2.0 workspace package, the following error occurs:

A problem was encountered while creating the MED-V workspace package.

Error creating MSI file: Microsoft.Medv.Administration.Commands.CreateMsiException: Sysprep.inf was not found in VHD


  • Permissions on the workspace VHD are incorrect.
  • The VHD was configured with two partitions. MED-V only supports one VHD per virtual machine and only one partition on each VHD.


  • Correct the permissions on the VHD before continuing with packaging.
  • Delete the second partition on the VHD.

More Information

MED-V relies on a properly configured sysprep.inf in order to complete the MED-V Packaging and First Time Setup experience. Some configuration properties specified in the sysprep.inf file may be reset with settings specified during MED-V workspace packaging. When troubleshooting packaging and first time setup failures it may be necessary to check the Sysprep.inf for MED-V required configuration settings. Those items highlighted in green are required for MED-V. The absence of these items will cause setup to fail. Those items highlighted in yellow may be reset by MED-V workspace package configuration