Error "Insufficient Disk Space for MSI/VHD" when creating a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

Se aplica a: Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 2.0


When attempting to create a MED-V 2.0 workspace package, the following error occurs:

A problem prevented the creation of the MED-V workspace package.
Error creating MSI file: Microsoft.Medv.Administration.Commands.CreateMsiException: Insufficient disk space for MSI/VHD file


The MED-V workspace packager goes through several steps in creating a workspace image. Two of these steps are copying and then compressing the VHD. If the computer is low on disk space, the MED-V workspace packaging process will fail.


·         If the VHD is located on the computer, then free space on the hard drive that is at least double the size of the VHD to be packaged.

·         If using a VHD from a network shares, then free space on the hard drive that is at least triple the size of the VHD for to be packaged.

NOTE: The Packager Wizard does not free disk space if cancelled after creating the workspace is started.

More Information

Within the MED-V v2 Help Documentation there is a comprehensive section -"Step 3 - Create a Package." You can access this from the welcome screen of the MED-V 2.0 Workspace Packager.