First Time Setup of MED-V 2.0 fails with “The Initial configuration of MED-V workspace was not successful”

Applies to: Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 2.0


First Time Setup (FTS) of MED-V 2.0 may fail with the following error:

The initial configuration of the MED-V workspace was not successful.

Initial configuration failed while creating a virtual environment for application compatibility.


There are multiple causes for this issue. See the Resolution section for more informaiton.


Task 1

Confirm prerequisites are installed on Windows 7 including Windows Virtual PC 7 (not Virtual PC 2007) (KB958559) and Non-HAV VPC Update (KB977206)

Task 2       

The event log and setup logs on the Windows 7 Host should be reviewed to determine the root cause of the setup failure. The setup logs copied by First Time Setup are located on the Windows 7 machine in one of the following folders:

Shared workspace = %systemdrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\Medv\AllUsers\Setup Logs

Single User Workspace = %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Medv\v2\Setup Logs

In this folder are the Windows XP mini-setup logs and the MED-V VM setup log titled VMSetupComplete or VMSetupFailed.

The following are some known issues
Event IDEvent MessageCauseResolution
3037Error detected while starting differencing disk creation.When using the MED-V workspace packager a differencing disk was selected rather than a base image.  

Option A: Build the base image for MED-V from the base image rather than the differencing disk. If using Windows XP mode, the base image is located in the %systemdrive%\program files\Windows XP Mode directory.

Option B: Use Windows Virtual Machine to convert the base image + differencing image to a fixed size over the merge virtual hard disk
3150Workspace setup sequence timed out (<numberofminutes>)Generally caused by a missing or improperly configured setting in the sysprep fileTroubleshoot problems during the mini-setup process of FTS by opening the MED-V virtual machine in Windows XP Mode mode while initial configuration is running.
Task 3       

Troubleshoot problems during the mini-setup process of first time setup can be done by viewing the MED-V virtual machine in full screen mode while initial configuration is running. To start the MED-V Virtual Machine in full screen mode, perform the following tasks:

1.     Open the Windows Virtual PC Console.

Select Start – All Programs – Windows Virtual PC – Windows Virtual PC.

2. Start the MED-V virtual macine if it's not already running.

If not already present, within a short amount of time, a virtual machine with the name of the deployed MED-V workspace appears in the list of virtual machines.

3. Double-click on the MED-V virtual machine to open it. 

You can observe the MED-V virtual machine while it is being set up and you can troubleshoot the mini-setup procedure. Verify the information in the different screens as they go by, such as configuring networking settings, computer domain join information, configuring of the guest agent, set up of personal settings, and shutdown.The VM closes automatically when initial configuration completes.

4. If mini-setup doesn’t complete, verify the parameters in the Sysprep.inf are correct. 

The required parameters in the Sysprep.inf are documented on the following site:

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