Warning "Unable to enable integration components" when opening a MED-V Workspace in full screen mode


The status of the MED-V icon remains at initializing. When opening the MED-V Workspace in full screen mode, the following warning is presented:

Unable to enable integration components


This issue can be caused by a Windows Virtual PC integration component initialization failure during first time setup.


To resolve the issue please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall and reinstall the integration components in the virtual machine.

2. Reset the MED-V workspace using the MED-V administration toolkit and run first time setup again. The command to do this is:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization\MedvHost.exe" /toolkit

3. Click "Restart Workspace."

More Information

About Windows Virtual PC Integration Features : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee449432(WS.10).aspx