Error message occurs when installing an AHCI driver from DVD/CD during Windows setup process

Gilt für: Windows 7 Home PremiumWindows 7 ProfessionalWindows 7 Ultimate Mehr


When pressing F6 to load a vendor provided AHCI controller driver during Windows 7 installation process, and if the AHCI driver is on a DVD or CD media, end users may receive an error message.

For example, the following message may appear when installing Intel AHCI driver.
"The Intel Express Chipset SATA AHCI controller (E:\1046...\iaAHCI.inf) device driver could not be installed. Contact your vendor for an updated driver"


When a new AHCI driver is installed, the devices connected to the AHCI controller will be re-enumerated and the corresponding volumes re-mounted. A DVD/CD drive connected to the AHCI controller might be unavailable for a short period of time. If Windows setup program attempts to load files from DVD/CD media at the same time, it may encounter I/O errors.


1. Put the AHCI driver on a different type of media, such as a USB removable disk

2. Ignore the error and continue. When the above error message is displayed, the AHCI driver has already been installed.