Text on logon screen or lock screen may be truncated with some third-party credential providers on Windows 7

Applies to: Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows 7 Enterprise NWindows 7 Home Basic More


Consider the following scenario:

You have a computer using Windows 7. You also are using a third-party credential provider, such as a fingerprint reader, to provide alternate methods of logon.

Depending on the credential provider, you may notice that some of the text (for example, "swipe finger to logon") is slightly truncated at the bottom. This may occur more frequently when using certain localized languages, such as Korean, Japanese, or Chinese.


User tiles in the Windows 7 logon user interface are a fixed size. In some cases, developers creating third-party credential providers may display text which is slightly too large to fit in the user tile. If this occurs, the text may appear truncated on the screen.


This behavior is by design.