Problems when signing out of Office 365, Azure, or Intune in a web browser

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Users experience issues when they try to sign out of Office 365, Microsoft Intune, or Microsoft Azure in a web browser. For example, users may experience one of the following issues:
  • When a user signs out of one of the portals or signs out of Microsoft Outlook Web App, the user isn't signed out of Microsoft SharePoint Online.
  • When a user signs out of SharePoint Online, the user isn't signed out of the portal or Outlook Web App.
  • When a user clicks Sign out, the user isn't signed out. Instead, the web browser reloads the current webpage.
  • If your Microsoft account ends in the ".edu" domain extension and is managed by your university domain administrator, or if your Microsoft account was registered or is still registered in Office 365, you may see one of the following messages:
    • Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you out
    • We're having trouble signing you in

      You're currently signed in with a Microsoft account as <>, but that account can't be used with Outlook Web App.
      Please sign out of your Microsoft account, then sign in to Outlook Web App with the account you use to read your
      organization's email. Click here to sign out. Learn more.


To resolve this issue, use one of the following methods.


This behavior is by design. Azure Active Directory-based services (including Office 365, Azure, and Intune) use cookies to remember who you are and to automatically sign you in. 

The sign-out process for services forces the session cookies to expire. These session cookies are used to maintain your sign-in state when you use these services. However, because the web browser is still running and may not be updated to handle cookies correctly, you may have a cookie that is not updated to expire and finish the sign-out process. By default, these cookies are valid for eight hours or are set to expire when you close all web browsers.

Still need help? Go to Microsoft Community or the Azure Active Directory Forums website.

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