Print jobs initiated with Windows XP and Server 2003/2008 in a point and print environment may not print correctly with documents containing double-byte characters


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have Windows Server 2003 acting as a print server.
  • You connect a Windows XP client to the print server to establish a point and print environment.
  • The document you are trying to print contains double byte-characters. For example, Japanese is a language that uses double-byte characters.
When the document prints, some of the double-byte characters are not printed and are replaced with periods (e.g. ".....").

Note that this issue can also happen on a Windows Server 2008 print server if the documented is printed using n-up (i.e. printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper).


In a point and print environment with double-byte languages, if the font that was used to create the document does not match exactly on the XP client and the 2003/2008 print server, the print job may not print correctly.


Make sure the font version matches exactly on the print server and the XP client.   Once there is a matching font on the print server and the client, the print job will be able to print successfully without any dropped characters. 

To manually copy and install the font from the server to the client:

1. On Windows Server 2003/2008, open up the Fonts folder under %systemdrive%:\Windows\, and copy the font that was used.
2. On Windows XP, open up the Fonts folder under %systemdrive%:\Windows\ and install the font that was copied from the server.

Note: If the fonts are the same name, but a different version, you will need to uninstall the existing font on the XP client machine first. 

If you receive an “Access is denied” error message while trying to uninstall the font, you can work around this by dragging the existing font to the desktop. After the previous font is removed from the %systemdrive%:\Windows\Fonts folder, then you can copy over the newer font.