Error Message: Error 406, No Acceptable Objects Were Found

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When you use the Accept-Language header and the file name specified does not include the file extension, the following error message occurs:
Error 406, No acceptable objects were found.


Because no other "Accept:" headers are specified, the Web server determines that the client can only handle text/plain and text/html content types. Because the document has no extension, the type is octet/stream, which causes the error message to be returned. This is by design.


Include the file extension in the request, so that the content type can be determined.

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Steps to Reproduce Behavior

The following portion of code causes the Error 406:
hHandle = HttpOpenRequest(hInetConnect, "GET", "/document");
HttpAddRequestHeaders(hHandle "Accept-Language:en-us\r\n");
HttpSendRequest (hHandle);
InternetReadFile (hHandle, lpBuffer);

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