How to Use Ldp.exe to View Entire Directory Tree and Locate the Microsoft Exchange Container


This article describes how to use the Ldp.exe utility to view the entire directory tree and to locate the Microsoft Exchange container.

More Information

To view the tree:
  1. Start Ldp.exe.
  2. Click Connection, and then click Connect.
  3. Type the server name of the domain controller that you want to connect to, and the port (389).
  4. Click Connection, and then click Bind.
  5. Type the user name, password, and domain, and then click OK.
  6. Click View, and then click Tree. Leave BaseDN blank (this will allow you to see the entire directory tree).
  7. To locate the Microsoft Exchange container:
    1. Click to expand the plus sign (+).
    2. Double-click the Configuration container, and then double-click the Services container. The Microsoft Exchange container should be located under the Services container.
    3. Double-click the Microsoft Exchange container to view its contents.