Error message "Windows SIM was unable to generate a catalog" or "Parameter count mismatch"

Applies to: Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows Vista EnterpriseWindows Server 2008 Standard


When generating a catalog (.clg) in Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) or clicking Edit Unattend.xml in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit(MDT) and trying to generate a catalog file  it may take extended period of time before producing the error message and you may receive the following error messages:

Windows SIM was unable to generate a catalog. For troubleshooting assistance, see the topic: 'Windows System Image Manager Technical Reference' in the Windows OPK or Windows AIK User's Guide.
System.InvalidOperationException: The operation failed to complete. 


Windows System Image Manager execution failed.
System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException: Parameter count mismatch.


Performing operation "generate" on Target "Catalog".
The operation failed to complete


Windows System Image manager has the following default behavior for generating catalog files:

x86 Windows System Image Manager
Can create catalogs for x86, x64, and Itanium-based Windows images.

x64 Windows System Image Manager
Can create catalogs only for x64 Windows images.

Itanium-based Windows System Image Manager
Can create catalogs only for Itanium-based Windows images


Generate the catalog file on a supported platform. For Microsoft Deployment Toolkit it is possible to mount the DeploymentShare from another computer with MDT and the AIK installed with the proper architecture to generate the catalog then it can be accessed by the original MDT server.

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