Useful Links for Windows MultiPoint Server


Windows® MultiPoint™ Server was introduced in 2010 as a Shared Resource Computing (SRC) solution that allows multiple users to share the same computer, allowing each to have their own desktop experience. Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010 was released in the first quarter of 2010 and Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2011 was released in the first quarter of 2011.

This article provides a collection of links to sites which may be useful to current or prospective customers wanting more information about the product.

Note:  Some links are purposely duplicated under more than one category.

More Information


General Windows® MultiPoint™ Server sites:

The Windows® MultiPoint™ Server website: (permalink for previous URL)

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server forums:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server on Facebook:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server on Twitter:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server on YouTube:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server on TechNet

WMS on the RDS Application Compatibility site:

How to buy Windows® MultiPoint™ Server:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server licensing:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2011

Evaluation version on the Microsoft Download Center:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2011 Planning Guide: 

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2011 Deployment Guide:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2011 on TechNet

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010

WMS on Connect (access to WMS 2010 installation bits, partner documentation program, general announcements):

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010 Deployment Guide:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010 Planning Considerations Guide:

Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010 on TechNet:

MultiPoint Manager Help for Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010:

Log Collector tool download for Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010:


The Windows® Multipoint™ Server Team Blog:

Windows Team Blog (search the site for "multipoint" to find articles related to WMS):

The AskPerf blog (from the Microsoft EPS Windows Server Performance Team; search the site for "multipoint" to find articles related to WMS):  

The Microsoft Unlimited Potential blog (search the site for "multipoint" to find articles related to WMS):

The Official Small Business Server Blog:

Email Distribution Lists

Microsoft MultiPoint MVPs:

Remote Desktop Services

RDS product home page:

IP Virtualization in RDS and WMS: 

RemoteFX:  (permalink for previous URL)

Application Compatibility: 

Universal Serial Bus

For more detailed information about USB technology and the specifications, visit the following web sites.

The USB Implementers Forum home page and specs page:

Windows® Hardware Developer Central: (permalink for previous URL)

Intel USB Site:

Wikipedia on USB:

TechNet:  (USB topology)

Filter Drivers

MSDN® description of filter drivers (WMS uses filter drivers for mouse, keyboard, USB mass storage devices, and imaging devices such as webcams):

Windows® Server Deployment Options

Deploy Windows® Server 2008 R2:  

Windows® Deployment Services:

Licensing Programs

General Licensing topics:

Academic Volume Licensing: 

Software Assurance information for VL customers:


How to extend the Windows Server 2008 evaluation period (permalink for previous link)

Volume Activation Technical Reference Guide

Converting KMS Clients to MAK Activation

Activating MAK Clients 


Debugging Tools for Windows® (includes USBView for diagnosing the USB tree): (permalink for previous link)

The 64-bit version of the tool can be downloaded from:

Microsoft Windows® Server Solutions BPA 1.0 (used for WMS 2011 as well as other products)

Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0 (required before installing the WMS BPA):

Log Collector tool download for Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010: