Unable to protect a SharePoint Farm with System Center Data Protection Manager 2010


While trying to create a protection group in System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 SP1 or System Center Data Protection Manager 2010, you may receive the following error:

DPM cannot protect your Windows SharePoint services farm until you install agents on the following server ServerHostName.FQDN.COM ID 956

This error message can be caused by an improperly configured SQL alias.

To properly configure SQL aliasing setup both 64-bit and 32-bit aliases:

64-bit SQL alias configuration
  1. Start cliconfg.exe from each WFE server in the farm.
  2. Navigate to the Alias tab.
  3. Click Add...
  4. Enter the name of the alias in the "Server Alias:" window.
  5. Enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the SQL server in "Server Name:" under Connection parameters.
  6. Check the radio button for TCP/IP in the Network Libraries section.
  7. Click OK.
32-bit SQL alias configuration

  1. On all WFE servers, open SQL Server Configuration Manager (installation of SQL Server Configuration Manager is required unless it already exists. For SharePoint 2007, install SQL 2005 Client Tools Connectivity. For SharePoint 2010, install SQL 2008 Client Tools Connectivity).
  2. From the SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand the SQL Native Client 10.0 Configuration (32bit) and click on the Aliases.
  3. In the right panel, right click and select New Alias…
  4. For the Alias Name, enter the name of the alias being used.
  5. For the Server, enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the server to which the alias will resolve.

More Information

SQL Aliasing allows SharePoint administrators to move SharePoint Databases between SQL servers if the need arises. The Administrator can do this by creating a new SQL alias on all servers in the farm using cliconfg.exe or SQL Server Configuration Manager.

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Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010, Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Service Pack 1