The low disk space notification message might be delayed up to 10 minutes in Windows 7


You are running out of hard drive space or you have run out completely, but Windows 7 never warns you about this while you are consuming disk space – or it might warn you when it is too late.


Windows 7 polls available disk space every 10 minutes. If at any time you are writing a large amount of information to your hard drive which might eventually consume all available space (such as recording or copying a movie or music), Windows 7 will only find out at the next polling interval, which means the warning may be delayed by up to 10 minutes.


This is by design. Windows Vista polled available disk space every minute while Windows 7 does this every 10 minutes. This is designed for performance reasons and there is no likelihood of causing an unrecoverable problem to the Operating System or to your hardware. It is good practice to check your available drive space before you attempt to write large amount of data onto it.

More Information

Windows 7 implements a timer to poll the available disk space every 10 minutes while it is running. This would be any fixed or external hard drives (USB, eSATA, 1394/FireWire). When this polling occurs, Windows 7 will pop up with a notification at the following thresholds:

·         Free space less than 200 MB

·         Free space less than 80 MB

·         Free space less than 50 MB

·         Free space equals zero

Windows 7 does not poll Zip Drives, Floppies or any other “removable” media drives.

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