App-V: Microsoft App-V Anti-malware Software Compatibility


Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) stores some virtual application files in a virtual drive implementation, usually labeled as drive letter Q:\. App-V supports detection and remediation of application files on this drive using both real time detection and file scanning technologies, however users must ensure that their anti-malware software is properly configured for virtual application files.

What can users do to protect against malware when using Microsoft App-V technology?

You should run your existing anti-malware software, follow your vendor’s best practices, and make sure that your software and anti-malware definitions are kept up to date. You should make sure that the anti-malware software is configured optimally for App-V. Since not every existing anti-malware solution fully supports App-V, Microsoft recommends that you contact your vendor for assistance with compatibility and configuration options for App-V with your anti-malware software.

Beyond anti-malware software, Microsoft recommends a defense in depth strategy to securing your App-V implementation. More detailed information on securing your App-V deployment is available in the App-V Security Best Practices Guide.

What if my anti-malware vendor doesn’t have a solution for detecting and cleaning malware on drive Q?

Your anti-malware vendors should contact their Microsoft liaison.


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