Upgrading from Office 2007 to Office 2010 on Windows Server 2008 breaks registry settings for ASP and ASP.NET


After you upgrade Office 2007 to Office 2010 on a Windows Server 2008 with the Web Server (IIS) Server Role enabled and the ASP and ASP.NET Role Services are installed, applications are no longer able to interact with ASP.DLL


The uninstall of the Office 2007 Script Editor>Web Scripting feature during the upgrade process removes the references to ASP and ASP.NET Role Services; Office 2010 does not include this feature


Remove and then add the ASP and ASP.NET Role Services components in the "Web Server (IIS)" area of Windows Server 2008 Server Manager 

More Information

If you add the Web Server (IIS) role with ASP and ASP.NET role services in Windows Server 2008, this will add and register the ASP.dll component. However, Server Manager does not use the Windows Installer to add this component.

When Office 2007 installs the ASP.dll component as part of the Web Scripting feature, the registration is done by the Windows Installer. The 2007 Web Scripting feature is linked to component "Global_Vse_AspExtensibility" {F6BADC22-C356-11D1-8279-00C04FC21633} and this component code is flagged with "msidbComponentAttributesSharedDllRefCount" - in Windows Installer registry metadata the component translates to


You can check in that registry location which applications are registered to the component. When this component is uninstalled during the Office 2010 upgrade process, the Windows Installer does not honor the RefCount of the Web Server (IIS) feature; it only checks the Windows Installer RefCount for this Office 2007 Web Scripting feature component. Therefore, if you uninstall all Office 2007 applications that registered to the component, the component will be removed along with the registration that is still needed for the Web Server (IIS) server role. Office 2010 does not include the Web Scripting feature so this component is not replaced during the upgrade. 


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