Microsoft Word does not recognize the linked Excel object after file move


Consider the following scenario:

1. You copy a range of cells from an Excel file having the .xlsx extension.

2. In a Word file having the .docx extension, you use paste special to paste the range as Excel Worksheet linked to the source file.

3. You save and close both files, then you move them in a different folder.

In such a scenario, when reopening the Word file, depending on the settings for updating the external links, you may not get the prompt to update the linked object and even if you get the prompt, Word does not recognize the object as being linked to an external file when you right-click it, so it is unable to update the object.



Microsoft Word is no longer able to activate Word OLE objects after moving files because it does not offer relative path support for linked OLE objects in Open XML files.


Please consider one of the following ways to work around this limitation:

1. Use of .doc and .xls file formats.


2. Use UNC paths to files instead of mapped drives.


3. Replace the the old path of the source file with the actual path, in the Edit Links window.