A user's display name is incorrect on a specific SharePoint Site Collection

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Note This article is for those who have SharePoint Administrator privileges. Although this article may apply in many implementations of Microsoft SharePoint, it is especially applicable in a dedicated deployment of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite.

A user in your organization has recently updated some of his or her information (such as the user's display name) in Active Directory Domain Services. The information was updated correctly in the user Profile Service Application. However, on a specific Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Site Collection, that information was not updated.


The user is not synchronizing correctly to a Site Collection. This most likely occurs because the user is not flagged as Active on the Site.

In Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007, you could remove the user from the All People group and re-add them. This option is no longer available in SharePoint 2010.


Important If you remove the user from the All People group, all the user's permissions to this Site Collection are removed. Before you remove the user's permissions and re-add them, note the user's permissions. To do this, on the Site Actions menu, click Site Permissions, and then click Check Permissions.

The All People group is hidden in SharePoint 2010. However, to access this group, you can modify the following URL in the browser:
<Site URL>/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0

For example, the URL will resemble the following:
If you remove the user from this group, this also removes the user from the userInfo table in the Microsoft SQL Server database. When you re-add the user, the user's information is updated in this table.

For instructions about how to grant users access to a Site, visit the following website: