Windows 7 may not calculate the size of writable area on BD-R, BD-R DL and BD-R XL correctly.

Taikoma: Windows 7 Service Pack 1Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows 7 Home Premium


When attempting to burn 46GB of data to a BD-R Dual Layer disc, or 23GB to a BD-R Single Layer disc in master mode, the process fails and the following error message will be displayed:

"The disc wasn't burned successfully. Make sure that you have the latest firmware for your CD or DVD burner installed, and then try again."


This problem occurs because Windows 7 does not calculate the write capacity of BD-R correctly.

Note: This problem may occur also when you use BD-R XL (Triple or Quadruple Layer) media.


To work around this issue, do not attempt to write more than 22GB of data onto a BD-R Single Layer disc or 45GB for a BD-R Dual Layer disc.