Cluster network name may not come online with Event ID 1052


A Cluster Network Name resource may not come online and may produce the following error message in the Event log:

Event ID 1052
Source: Cluster Service Clussvc
Category: 2056
Type: Stop
Description: Cluster network name resource "ResourceName" could not be brought online because the name could not be added to the system.
Event ID 1052 may be also accompanied by the following event ID:

Event ID 1069
Source: Cluster Service Clussvc
Category: 4
Type: Stop
Description: Cluster resource "ResourceName"


This error message indicates that a duplicate NetBIOS name was detected on the network for the resource. Event ID 1052 is typically caused by improper Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) settings, corrupted WINS databases, or other network-related issues. If Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000 was just applied to the cluster nodes in a Windows 2000 domain or you have turned off kerberos support for a network name resource, there may be an existing computer object in your active directory.


  1. Remove all static WINS entries for that resource from the WINS server.
  2. At a command prompt, type nbtstat -RR on each node to cause the server to register again in WINS.

    NOTE: If you have a service pack before Service Pack 4 installed, you must restart the computer instead of issuing the nbtstat -RR command.
  3. Try to bring the Name resource online.
If the last item that was installed was Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000 in a Windows 2000 domain, follow these steps:

  1. On a Windows 2000 domain controller, start the Active Directory Users and Computers Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
  2. Right-click your domain name, click Find, and then click Computers.
  3. In the Computer Name: box, type the name of the VirtualServer that is not coming online.
  4. Click Find Now.
  5. If you find the computer object, the Network Name resource cannot come online.
  6. To resolve this issue, use one of the following methods:
    • Right-click computer object, and then click Delete.
    • Turn on Kerberos support for the Network Name resource.
For more information about how to turn on Kerberos support for Windows 2000-based server clusters, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

235529 Kerberos support on Windows 2000-Based server clusters

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