[SDP 3][50c838e4-5a78-4c7c-a398-efabf1f5aeb7] Fiddler tracing of HTTP(S)

Applies to: Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows 7 Home BasicWindows 7 Home Premium


This Support Diagnostics Platform (SDP) diagnostic lets you capture a Fiddler trace of HTTP(S) traffic while you reproduce a web-based problem on your computer. This trace is then uploaded so that Microsoft Support can analyze the problem.

More Information

This diagnostic can be used on a Windows 7-based computer. When you run the Fiddler tracing diagnostic, you are prompted that tracing will begin after you click Next.

After you click Next, you may receive the following security warning, asking whether you want to install a root certificate. This certificate allows Fiddler to capture HTTPS traffic.

Click Yes to install the certificate.

Then, you may be prompted to allow Fiddler access to your system. (Currently, Windows Firewall may be blocking Fiddler access.)

Click Allow access to allow Fiddler to communicate on the selected network.

At this point, tracing is running. You should now reproduce your problem. After you have reproduced the problem, click End Capture Now to collect and upload the Fiddler trace.

Information that is collected

  • All file names in the data collection are prefaced with the {Computername} on which the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool is run.
  • For more information about the Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy tool, go to the following Fiddler website:

    Fiddler homepage

Fiddler trace data
DescriptionFile Name
Fiddler trace file that contains the HTTP(S) traffic from your client while the Fiddler tracing diagnostic was running{Computermame}_Fiddler.saz

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
2598970 Information about the Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services and Support Diagnostic Platform