Introduction to the Microsoft StreamInsight 1.2 release


This article introduces the Microsoft StreamInsight 1.2 release. You can download and then install this release by using Microsoft Update.

More Information

The Microsoft StreamInsight installation program installs the following components on your computer:
  • The software development kit (SDK) for developing StreamInsight applications and adapters.
  • The StreamInsight Event Flow Debugger for monitoring, for diagnosing, and for debugging StreamInsight applications.
  • The runtime libraries for StreamInsight.
The highlights of the 1.2 release are discussed in the following Microsoft StreamInsight blog: 


The Microsoft StreamInsight documentation provides detailed information about the product. The documentation is updated periodically. To view the latest version online, visit the following Microsoft webpage:

The Microsoft StreamInsight samples provide hands-on Microsoft Visual Studio projects that explain the key concepts of Microsoft StreamInsight in running code. You can download the samples from CodePlex:

Refer to the Microsoft StreamInsight blog for late-breaking information:

For additional pointers to other documentation, visit the following SQL Server webpage:

The StreamInsight portal that is associated with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is available at the following Microsoft webpage: