WTS_CONSOLE_CONNECT / WTS_CONSOLE_DISCONNECT message is received in the application which registers for Session Notification via WTSRegisterSessionNotification on a Windows 7 SP1 system which has RemoteFX 3D Adapter Installed.


If an application registers itself via the WTSRegisterSessionNotification API to listen for WM_WTSSESSION_CHANGE messages on a Windows 7 SP1 system which has RemoteFX 3D Adapter installed, it will receive the WTS_CONSOLE_CONNECT / WTS_CONSOLE_DISCONNECT message instead of WTS_REMOTE_CONNECT / WTS_REMOTE_DISCONNECT.

This behavior is by design.

More Information

In Windows 7, 3D video adapters are accessible in the console session only and not in the remote session. Due to this limitation, Remote Desktop Services is unable to serve a remote session that has access to the RemoteFX 3D Video Adapter. To work around this issue, the console session is sent to the user remotely. Because two console sessions cannot exist, the virtual machine connection console is disconnected. If for some reason the system falls back to standard VGA, the virtual machine connection console is reconnected.

Due to the above behavior, with RemoteFX adapter installed on Windows 7 SP1 systems, WTS_CONSOLE_CONNECT and WTS_CONSOLE_DISCONNECT notification is sent instead of the traditional WTS_REMOTE_CONNECT and WTS_REMOTE_DISCONNECT.