Host process crashes in the Microsoft Azure Emulator when the System Locale is set to Turkish


Debugging or running a Microsoft Azure Cloud Services project in the Compute Emulator, when the System Locale is set to Turkish, causes the WaIISHost.exe process to crash.

If you start debugging a Web Role, depending on your system settings, the WER dialog displays the message:

Microsoft Azure Web Role Entry Point Host has stopped working.

If you start debugging a worker role, the Visual Studio Exception Dialog displays the following exception:

Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Hosts.Worker.RuntimeEnvironmentException was unhandled
Message=Unable to load the runtime environment: could not get hosting environment settings
at Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Hosts.Worker.Parameters..ctor()
at Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Hosts.Worker.Loader.Main(String[] args)

If you are running the worker role application, the waworkerhost.exe process crashes and depending on your system settings, the WER dialog displays the message:

Microsoft Microsoft Azure Worker Host has stopped working

In both the scenarios, the following lines are missing from the configuration file:

<Resource name="temp" type="temp" sticky="false" path="temp\" disableQuota="false" />
<Resource name="compCache" type="iisCompressionCache" sticky="false" path="compCache\" disableQuota="false" />
<Resource name="aspNetTemp" type="aspNetTemp" sticky="false" path="aspNetTemp\" disableQuota="false" />

The configuration file is located here:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\dftmp\s0\<deployment id>\config\<instance id>.cfg

(If you have set the _CSRUN_STATE_DIRECTORY environment variable, look for the configuration file in the folder that the _CSRUN_STATE_DIRECTORY environment variable points to).


This is because of a problem in the Microsoft Azure Compute Emulator and the host processes when the System Locale is set to Turkish. This issue is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming SDK release.


To resolve the issue, change the Format under Region and Language settings to English (United States).

To change the Format, do the following:

1) Go to the Start Menu and select Control Panel
2) Select Region and Language
3) Change the Format to English (United States)
4) Stop the Microsoft Azure Emulator (Right click on the Microsoft Azure Simulation Environment icon in the system tray and select Exit)

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