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Outlook does not respond when it is started. It does not appear on the desktop at all although outlook.exe can be seem running in the Task Manager...

Is that an Outlook Hide and Seek? Well, work first. Let's find a way to resolve the problem.
  1. End Outlook.exe Task Process

    Right click on any space of the Taskbar, and select "Start Task Manager".

    Open Task Manager

    Switch to "Process" tab to see if an outlook.exe exists under the image name. If it does, check it and click "End Process" button to end the process.

    Outlook.exe process

  2. Open Outlook in Safe Mode

    Click "Win+R" at once to callout "Run" command box. (Or click "Run" on the Start Menu to callout the command box)

    Type the command "outlook.exe /safe", with the quotation marks excluded. Note: A space is necessary between "Outlook.exe" and "/".

    Run command box

    Now, when Outlook is openned, you can see two words "Safe Mode" embraced in parentheses at the top. Besides, by comparision, this Outlook does not have the "Add-in" tab.

    Outlook safe mode

  3. Disable Add-ins

    Switch to the "File" tab and click "Options".

    Outlook Options

    Click "Add-in" in the left of the "Options" window, and then select "COM Add-in" in the "Admin" dropdown menu at the bottom right corner. Click "Go to" button.

    Outlook Add-ins

    Uncheck those questionable add-ins, and click "OK" to save the change.

    Outlook Add-ins

Close Outlook and open it again in Normal Mode. Does it work normally this time?

If it does not all the same, just create a new user account file. Otherwise, you are suggested to dig the Answers. Our online engineers will find the best solutions for you!

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