WMI Hi-Perf counters are not displayed in the performance monitor tool unless the user account is a member of the Administrators group


Consider the following scenario:

· A user is a non-administrative user that is a member of the Performance Monitor Users group and launches the Performance Monitor tool

· This same user tries to add a WMI Hi-Perf based counter such as the “\WMI Objects\HiPerf Classes” counter

In this situation the user is not shown the “WMI Objects” performance counter object in the list of counters to add.


In Windows Vista and later operating systems the WMI based performance counters require the user account to be a member of the Administrators group on the system due to the security requirements of the underlying WMI architecture.


Add the user to the local Administrators group on the system to be monitored using performance monitor.

More Information

Other tools that interact with performance counter objects, such as typeperf.exe, may also require the user to be a member of the Administrators group in order to use the WMI Hi-Perf counter objects. This may also include custom developed performance providers by 3rd party software vendors.

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