Invalid Boot File Received Error Message When PXE booting from WDS


When using PXE to boot a client computer from a Windows Deployment Services (WDS) server you may encounter one of the following symptoms or error messages
  • Invalid boot file received
  • PXE client hangs

At the point of the error you are executing code from the PXE bios so the actual error message can vary.


This can occur with the following scenario:


If you have a mix of UEFI and Legacy BIOS machines you cannot use DHCP Scope Options to direct PXE clients to the Boot Program on the WDS server. You must use IP Helper Table Entries. For more information on configuring IP helper table entries contact your router/switch manufacturer.

More Information

The WDS Boot Program's for each type of machine are:
  • Legacy BIOS computers:
  • UEFI computers: wdsmgfw.efi